A downloadable interactive fiction

Few tragedies in life crush a person as hard as losing a loved one. Eloise knows that better than anyone, with the pain of losing her loving mother to a gruelling battle against cancer fresh in her mind.

However, her household stress doesn’t end there, not when her father brashly decides to uproot their entire family and moves across the city meagre months after her mother’s passing, leaving their old house deserted and their memories of better day untouched. 

While she understands that this is her father’s method of coping with emotions, this puts her life into a downwards spiral as she struggles to deal with her own grief.

  • The protagonist, name changeable, and the three love interests.

For the rest of the cast and detailed profiles on each character, check out the development blog.

After Rainfall, Comes Sunlight is an interactive fiction with the initial prototype built in Renpy. The upcoming demo will showcase the prologue of the game and the previews of how each of the romance options will unfold. While the final game will have:

  • Three optional planned love interests.
  • Various events surrounding the protagonist’s social and family life. 
  • Affection system along with dating elements in the final build.
  • Numerous endings and variations depend on your choices.


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The art is so pretty! I could buy a whole book of just that. ^_^


This one looks really cool and I like the art style!! Can't wait for the game to be released :))

Oh, me neither.